Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What to Wear: teen fashion camp and b-o-d-x !!!!!

Love, love, love this weather! How is it where you are?
I wish each of you could have been with us this past weekend for
 Beauty Boot Camp. I can't even begin to describe to you how amazing it was. The women were absolutely terrific and the bonding was awesome! In fact, one of the participants from Michigan (and we had 4 from there!) already made a blog for the group of them to connect with each other on a regular basis. They already started talking about a reunion! Racquel was an amazing makeup artist and each participant got a personal makeover from her. Each had a bra fitting, too, along with evaluation by me on lots of their clothes! They were the first to hear of my new Wardrobe Plan Sheet and now shopping and building a wardrobe is easy as pie for them! We took lots of video and pictures so one of these days I'll have them up for you to see. Two of the participants, Becky and Sherry are working on creating a boot camp for 200 women that will cost $99 where we'll have large and small groups, break out sessions, makeovers,etc. They loved it so much and wanted to make a way for it to be more affordable to lots of women!  I think the first one of those will be held in Traverse City, Michigan so if you're near there, be on the look out...most likely it'll happen in November of this year. (If you want a Boot Camp for 200 near you ($99) let me know and we'll look into it.)
Before we get into today's topic, I want to tell you about an exciting camp I'm doing this summer called "The Modest is Hottest Fashion Camp" for tweens and teens. If you live in or near the Charlotte area, I'd LOVE for you to send your daughter(s). We have a limited number of spaces for this camp so check it out here for details. This is a pilot program camp and we're being sponsored by Dillards and Clinique. We plan to have 10 camps next summer 2011 nationwide so if you'd like to host one in your city, let me know as soon as possible as I have someone who's working solely on that project. We've got big plans for teens and tweens next year! There's a LOT of exciting things going on right now but at this point I'm sworn to secrecy but just know, it's gonna be BIG stuff! I also talked about the camp today on the
Rad Rev site (Proverbs 31 teen site) so check it out there, too!
Now some NEW information!
As you know, my new book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad will release late July. I have always used the terms HOAX when describing the body types. BUT we couldn't find the orignator of this term to get permission for the book so I came up with new terms to describe the body shapes. I know, I know, you're used to the old terms but I promise these will be easy to learn! So here ya go...some new "Good Girl" lingo!
b: your shape if you gain in your belly
o: you overly endowed gals
d: your shape if you gain in your derriere
x: balanced figure
Please get used to these new terms! If you were an H before, you are now a b.
If you were an A before, you are now a d.
And if you were an o or an x before, you remain the same.
Here's one spring wardrobing tip for each body shape before we end today's blog:
b: Since you should never tuck in any tops, TUNICS are a great choice for you to wear over a pair of leggings, skinny jeans or ankle pants. Wear with ballet flats.
o: Find a pretty, printed flowy top to wear. Medium PRINTS actually minimize your bust line. Wear with knee length capris and wedge sandals.
d: Buy a FLIRTY FLAIRED SKIRT that hits right at your knees or slightly above them. Pair with a solid colored t-shirt in a pop color for you. Wear with a strappy sandal that has a little heel.

x: Buy a BEAUTIFUL BELT with an embellished buckle to wear with a pair of white jeans. Pair with a colorful t-shirt and add a trendy turquoise necklace and big turquoise ring. Wear with gladiator sandals or shoes that reflect your style...high or low heeled.

If you live anywhere near the Atlanta area I'll be speaking there this weekend for their Mother's Day event...would LOVE to meet you! Email for tickets.
Fashionable blessings to all of you!
Love, Shari


Kim said...

I'm very interested in a "boot camp" in Traverse City! Let me know any details as they come along!

a la Modest said...

Wish there were modest fashion events in my area! Stumbled upon here through your Modest is Hottest website. Thanks for the work that you do for teenagers!

Cíntia Mara said...

I am "d" and love this yellow skirt. I'm going to look for one like this to buy right now!