Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What to Wear: From Plain to Pretty Darn Fabulous!

I'm starting something NEW this week!
 I'm going to answer up to 5 questions that readers ask from the week before! I want to keep pace with what's happening in your world and by allowing you to ask your questions, I can do this! After answering the questions this week (and we only have 3 of them) I'm going to tell you how to go from
Plain to Pretty Darn Fabulous!
Question #1: Pajama Mama asked if you could wear the same blue denim with the same blue denim....Answer: NO, I wouldn't. The denims need to be a DIFFERENT color from each other.
Question #2: Rebecca Ann asked: I have a question about glasses. Should you match your hair color, go with a funky fun color? I don't know, are there rules for glasses as well as clothes?
Answer: Yes, there are rules for glasses. You should buy glasses that coordinate with your face shape (You're gonna love my new book (July release!) cause there's a whole section on it with pics!) Here are a few tips though: If you have a round face, opt for square or rectangular frames, a sqare face should get something curvy for frames, an oval face can do anything and a heart shape face needs to have a wider frame at the bottom. As for the color of the frames, they should compliment your natural coloring, a neutral or a pop color(based on your DCC always works.)
Question #3: Mariah asks: What about fit? I have a denim jacket, I wish I could post a pic of me in it and ask you about the fit? It's kind of a tight fitting jacket. but it doesn't taper in at the waist, just hangs straight. I heard once, if you can't comfortably button it, then you shouldn't wear it open either, it's too small...what do you think Shari? How should a denim jacket fit?
Answer: Clothes should always be comfortable. In saying that, if you can't button the jacket yet it's still comfy, look straight in the mirror and see how the jacket hangs...if the opening hangs evenly with no more than a 2 inch difference in between the opening (hope this makes sense) then it's fine.
So, how do you go from PLAIN to PRETTY DARN FABULOUS?
The answer is a STATEMENT PIECE.
What is a Statement piece you might ask? Well, this is an item of clothing or an accessory that makes your outfit come alive.
Your homework for this week is this: Everytime you put on your clothes for the day, I want you to look in the mirror and then add one thing that is unique and different. It's got to be one of those stand-out items that others can't help but compliment you on. It's that piece of clothing that is made of amazing fabric and color that is so unique, or that necklace that sings your praises or those earrings that are oh-so big and fabulous or that purse that really is the greatest thing anyone's ever seen! It's that extra-special item that even YOU love everytime you put it on.
More homework: Try to wear clothes this week that are monochromatic in color. Lots of column-dressing...meaning one color all over. THEN add your statement piece(s) and see what happens. Watch your outfit come to life! Put on a little more lipstick or shiny gloss than you usually wear. Style your hair a bit differently. Put a shirt on that you haven't worn in awhile.
You see, we get stuck in a rut. And it's time to just STOP IT. Take some bucks and go buy yourself something fabulous! Make sure it's a STATEMENT piece, and one that will get you lots of oohhhsss and ahhhhssss. It might need to be in a bright color if you're used to wearing blah colors. Pick yourself up and try something new.
And so here's a contest for you...tell me what you get the most compliments on...what statement piece or pieces do you own that make others go "ooohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh". This will give those who don't have a statement piece and idea of what to get!
I'm excited to see what you're going to tell us!
And the winner will get a new statement piece of her own!!!!!! Secret for now!!!!
But trust me, you'll like it!
Oh, heck, let's have 2 winners!
Love you girls,


bkbergman said...

HI Everyone!!
My favorite statement pieces are a pair of the CUTEST and HUGEST earrings (they're black metal and have lots of tiny white pearls hanging down chandalier style.), and then big necklaces with BLING (they definitely get noticed), I also have the prettiest white handbag with great details for the summer, and SHOES definitely SHOES! Shoes make the outfit in my opinion. Don't wear anything boring either. Get a cute heel (always flattering) in a pop of color, or a sandal with some bling (not the cheap flip-flops from Wal-Mart either!). These are the things I personally own, but you could do so much more . . .a great headband, a scarf, a brooch, a belt (if your body type allows it), etc. The list goes on and on. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!! I have acquired a couple of statement pieces recently, but my most favorite is a silver butterfly necklace that my husband and daughter gave me for Mother's Day. It fits perfectly right below the neck and adds a bit of sparkle to any outfit.
I also have a yellow handbag with bubbles imprinted on the fabric that I love.

Cindy H.

Kim said...

Love the idea of a statement piece! I'm just trying to wear a necklace everyday.

Speaking of jewelry. Recently I hosted a party for "Women at Risk International". The jewelry was beautiful and it makes me feel even better - knowing that I'm helping women in other countries, being able to support themselves!

Jolene said...

Tow of my favorite statement pieces are a funky scarf that came as a belt with jeans and a beautiful bold necklace. But my favorite statement piece right now are my new glasses. I hadn't updated in over 8 years - so I was well overdue. Went from scholarly round boring gold frames to a stylish Gucci brown metal frame with leopard and gold accents (right in my DCC). They were a bold step for me but I got sooo many compliments when I started to wear them.

My question is about finding cropped pants for summer that hit in the "diamonds" of my legs. I am finding that everything I have and see in catalogs would hit at the biggest curve of my lower leg. Help!

Pajama Mama said...

I have simple necklace on a black cord that hits right below my neck...but it is so unusual and the colors so vivid that I get compliments every single time I wear it. My dh bought it for me at the John C. Campbell Folk school in Brasstown, NC, made by a local artisan.'s a one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

This is cracking me up right now "oh heck, let's have 2 winners"

Anonymous said...

I love it Shari

Susan said...

I recently purchased a large cross necklace with turqoise and other colored stones. It goes with just about everything and I have had numerous compliments on it. I bought it when I was on a shopping trip with my daughter. She has great taste and I totally trust her judgement, even though we are completely different sizes (I'm a plus and she is tiny), she has great advice for me.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved bold jewelry and am so glad it is back "in". My motto is go bold or go home :-) I have a nice collection of turquoise (even before it was the color of the year) that is bold and I always get compliments when I wear any of the pieces. My favorite statement piece(s), though, have to be big rings. I just love looking down and seeing a lovely ring.

Lorri W.

Sara said...

I love statement pieces because they stretch my wardrobe! I am addicted to accessories. I love big necklaces and earrings as well as cool scarves and purses. My favorites right now are big flowers that clip on or pin on the lapel of a jacket.

Lyndsey said...

My statement piece is a brooch from my great grandma. It is almost the size of my palm and it's so sparkly. Love it! Can't wait to read your new book!

Supermanslady said...

My husband always bought me really cool chunky big earrings. Mostly silver or pretty dangly colors...always feminie but big.

Last year he got me these huge black hoops with silver studs all over them. Think the studded collars and belts people sport with that whole "goth" or "punk" look!

Every time I wear them - I pull out my black vans (love those shoes!) and pair with jeans or denim capris and a solid top - I get so many comments and compliments! How I'm such a cool mom...or how I rock that without looking all "werid".

Love my Studded earrings!!!

Mariah said...

I have 2 items that may fit as a statement piece. A pair of embellished flat sandals, super cute, in chocolate brown and multi-metalics and a pair of Big Gold earrings. I don't know my DCC yet, but I'm waiting for the book to figure it out. I received a compliment when I wore the earrings to a juice stop recently. I had to let the cashier know they were only $3. I was trying on wedge sandals, to see what they looked like on me, and a lady picked up my embellished sandals and was trying them on!!! lol, I had to tell her they were mine and she said she was so bummed because she prayed God would help her find the perfect pair of sandals, and she thought they were the "ones". I just kind of smiled and was stunned, didn't know what to say. It's rare to run into a complete stranger that mentions God. I wish I could have encouraged her and not stand there like a ninny. Thanks about the fit of the Jacket, Shari, totally makes sense!

Rebecca said...

I have this chunky necklace and earring set I picked up at Target. It is turquoise/green in color and like big stones. I call it my Wilma (Flintstone) necklace. But there is not a time I wear it that I don't get a nice compliment.

Erin said...

My two faves:
This scarf:

I tie it around my neck, wear it in my hair or tie it to my black purse.

I also have a white flower pin that is a fun pop to an outfit.

Anonymous said...

Hello- I read your blog- i really enjoy it! My statement piece lately is a pair of big black earrings. They are solid black with a design cut out of them- light weight- made of wood. They really make an outfit pop! compliments hair styles too.

Lea Ann W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharri,

Thanks for answering my question about glasses. I think I'll wait to read your book before I get a new pair.

I'm not very good with statement pieces. My mother and sister's-in-law are great at it and I'm learning from them. They always have some kind of jewelry or scarf that looks great. I have a few scarves that I wear occasionally and some fun jewelry but I don't wear them often enough.

Rebecca Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Braendel!
My statement piece is a black-and-white purse that looks like a panda's head. It's not gaudy, but it is adorable- every time I carry it, someone says "Ooohh, it's a panda...How cute!" Needless to say, I love my panda purse!

Alex L.

Sherry said...

I just got an over-sized ring. It is gold, in the shape of a plumeria flower, with diamond-like stones in the center. It dresses up a simple outfit!! Another statement piece is a pair of mules with brown satin fabric, gold sequins and embroidery. Every time I wear them, I get oohs and Aahs!!!

Michelle said...

For me, it's in the shoes. I have a couple of pair that really stand out. I got a compliment on my silver pair from a 96 yr old lady from my Bible Study. She said that she used to love wearing heal like that, and now she feels so ugly wearing the ones her doctor recommended. I guess this comes with the territory. Sometimes, it hurts to be cute. She said that he told her she can wear heals for just a short outing. I laughed to see that even at 96 fashion counts! She was stunning in her early years pictures.

Kelly said...

My favorite statement pieces lately are scarves! I got a pretty summer green and white floral scarf at Macy's a few weeks ago and I am wearing it today with my plain black dress, it really jazzes it up. I also splurged because I had a gift card and bought a pale robin egg blue tissue cashmere scarf/wrap at Nordstrom last it beautiful and you can wear it with jeans or dresses or anything. The sales clerk showed me how to tie it numerous ways as a scarf or a shawl.
I also recently got a long thin white scarf with silver flecks in it that looks pretty for summer too!

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

I have a few jackets that are definitely statement pieces. My favorite is a lime green and white tapestry looking jacket that has just three big white buttons on it. The color goes great with my green eyes and really gets attention.

Racquel Simone said...

A huge right hand ring that is blinged out in the shape of a Rose with a ton of petals. Think bloomed rose on steroids with bling. 8)

Stephanie said...

I have a slouchy bright yellow purse from Target that I bought last year, and it brightens up almost any outfit and gets tons of compliments. I also have a multi-strand turquoise necklace that I wear with a little black dress--totally gorgeous. This morning I went to the dentist to discuss some cosmetic work on my teeth. I was wearing some bronze metallic sandals a teal and white ruffled top, and he casually mentioned that I was "an attractive woman who would only be made more attractive" by a little work on my teeth. Must have been the shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,

Just now reading your blog. I love to have different purses with my outfits. Right now I am carrying a brown/white bag from Vera Bradley. I also love jewelry and have lots but am sometimes reluctant to wear it.

Deb said...

My statement piece is a heart shaped necklace that my husband bought me for Christmas.

Shelly said...

My "statement piece" is an off-white, button-up "crinkly" blouse with lace.

Every time I wear this blouse, I get compliments. Really... every single time. I can pair it with jeans. I can layer it with a tank-top underneath and a jacket on top. It goes well with dress slacks and even my favorite skirts. Sometimes I dress it up... other times i dress it down. Often time, I'll dress column-style and add this one blouse as my statement piece... and it ALWAYS gets the ooohs... ahhhhhs... and "where did you get that?" comments. Never fails.

Some people think it's vintage... others think it's designer....

The secret and the best part is... It's from the Walmart clearance rack and I paid $5 for it!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


I really like the idea of column dressing and then adding a statement piece! I'm going to try that.

The statement pieces that I get the most compliments on are different necklaces that I wear.

A question I have for you is about the color of a sweater to wear with a beige dress. I have a beige/taupe dress that has a lot of wide pleats in the skirt and this draws attention to my "d" body type. Your suggestion (from the conference call) was to wear it with a sweater in a brighter color that would attract the eye above the waist. I'm just not sure what color would be the best.


Natalie said...

Hi Shari,
You're right, we (I) definitely get stuck in a clothing rut. I tend to wear the same shirts with the same pants/shorts all the time. Changing things up a bit would stretch my wardrobe and make it seem like I have new clothes, when in reality I just switched tops and bottoms!
I love the idea of a statement piece. Mine is a white/lime green purse with dark lime green, light lime green, dark pink, and light pink polka dots on it. I get compliments on it almost every time I am out and about. It is a fun purse that makes me (and apparently others) smile when I/they see it! :)

Melinda said...

My statement piece is my new purse I received for Mother's Day. It is hot pink with a very large flower on it trimmed in black. I also have a new pair of wedges that are black with a cork heel and the heel has a design on the side that looks like embroidry. BUT, the thing I get the most compliments on is my hair!!! No, I don't take it on and off like most assessories, but it does accessorize my outfits. I am constantly getting compliments on it. I don't have a question this week but I'm sure I will. Thanks for taking them!!!

Shelley said...

My statement piece has been the gorgeous yellow purse I picked up when I was at Beauty Boot Camp! It has ruffles with zippers on the edges and everywhere I go I get compliments. I LOVE IT! and it goes with almost everything I own! Thank you Shari for finding it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shari-
I have 2 statement pieces, a purse--it is black and white spots of various sizes. I "designed" it at a purse show--BagDaddy! LOVE it.
Also I have a silver charm bracelet and matching long necklace that I shorten to draw attention up toward my face. Thanks for all the help and encouragement you give me to try new things. Working on the new hair style this week.
Blessings to you,
Heather N

redheadkate said...

I love shoes and earrings.
Fav shoes this summer: lilac colored flats with a leather flower on the top. People always comment that they would never think to wear shoes like that, but that they love them.
Fav earrings: 2" teardrop shape wrapped in thin gold wire strung with a few crystals. Random people in stores stop to compliment me on them.

Kim said...

I need a statement piece. I'm so unsure of what to put together that I usually am very basic. Love reading some of the ideas here.