Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday: Kika Paprika

Happy Wednesday to all you fashionable women in my blogosphere life! I pray you had a beautiful, bountiful Thanksgiving weekend and I'm sure, if you're anything like me, you added a little fluffy-ness to your fabulous self!

You are going to LOVE what I'm featuring today. I came across this clothing line quite by accident and I'm so glad I did. One of their consultants emailed me to tell me about the company and then I met her in Illinois when I spoke at an expo this fall.

I want to introduce you to a new (a little over a year old) company that features comfortable, fashionable, stylish, washable, and did I say comfortable clothing?  Oh yes, COMFORTABLE, fashionable clothing!

Kika Paprika is a clothing line that was started by Kim Shaw out of Los Angeles who spent many years with a popular home party company and decided that she wanted to start a company that would enable women to stay at home, (if they choose) yet have their own successful business. She also wanted the company to honor our environment and the go-green mentality. Therefore, Kika Paprika is eco-friendly and made in the USA!

The prices range from $34-$98 for all pieces except for three statement jackets (Fall/Winter season) that are over $100.

I got the chance to spend some time with Stacey Monroe on the phone yesterday. Stacey is a director with Kika Paprika and so full of knowledge and excitement about the company!

First, though, some pics to show you some of their clothes:
This is Stacey!

During my interview with Stacey I learned all kinds of things. One of the biggest, most amazing aspects of the clothing line is this:


So, for example, see that white jacket in the picture? Or the pants, or the skirt, or the top, or Stacey's vest? Or any of the other items? Well, you could choose it in the color you want and they custom dye it for you!

So no more telling me that you can only find things in black because now

I LOVE their bootcut I am speaking at an event where many times I end up on the floor showing different things like in this picture I'm showing the audience where the best hem length is on a woman. These pants look great whether I'm rolling around on the floor or standing lady-like (which doesn't happen very

I had a picture of me in their Riley jacket but I've looked all over my email to find it and I can't find here it is on someone else:
 See the puffy collar? Isn't that fabulous? I'm seriously telling you that EVERY time I wear it, someone wants to know where I got it. Every. Time.
You can puff the collar up, or lay it down. I have this jacket in's like an olive green...fab with my red hair, I might add.
You could get it in YOUR color!

I just remembered it was on Facebook pics but when I make it bigger it gets all blurry...blurrier than this one. I wore it on stage when I spoke on the Girls Getaway Cruise in October and my agent told me it was the best I ever looked on stage...okay, what is she trying to tell me?
Moving on...

Sizes run from 0-6. Now don't go moaning and groaning on me thinking they don't have your size....a 6 is like an 18! A 5 is like a 14-16....see what I mean?
You can custom pick your wardrobe and be comfortable at the same time.

They might have a consultant in your state (or might not) because they are in only 22 states. You might even want to consider becoming a consultant but they only take applications TWICE a year. Right now they are taking apps to show their spring line. So if you want to be considered, get in touch with Stacey right away. Tell her I told you to call her and maybe she'll send me a new jacket or something...LOL!  (Just kidding, Stacey!) A new shirt? ha!

She told me all kinds of stuff about cotton and pesticides and it really blew my mind about how many crop workers die each year from pesticide poisoning. Did you know that 25% of all pesticides are sprayed on cotton?
That's why this cotton is organically grown and NOT sprayed on. So the crop workers can stay healthier. I love that.

And one final thing and a give away!
Take a look at these scarves:

Each season Kika has a philanthropic project and the proceeds benefit women and/or children. This season the profit from the sale of all scarves benefits women’s shelters near their warehouse in LA… another cool aspect to the company!

So, to ring in the holidays, Stacey is giving away a RED SCARF to one of you! Please leave a comment below about what you think about the line and a question you might have about the company or the clothes. Next week I'm going to get Stacey or Kim to answer them for you and one of you will be getting a new scarf! I wanted to answer your other questions this week too, but this got too lengthy so I PROMISE to go back thru my blogs from the past 2 months and get all your questions answered. So don't kill me yet, okay?

Love you girls!!!!!


Didn't Ashley look great on Monday?

Here's Stacey's website if you want to look more:


Daphne said...

Wow! This line looks amazing! I do love the Riley jacket...fabulous and could so easily be dressed up or down. I am heading right over to Stacy's site to check it out further. BTW, I'm a deep, love red, and do not own a scarf :-) I've always wanted to try one, but was never sure I could pull it off. Kind of like leggings and boots, but I'm learning all kinds of new things from Shari!

jacque said...

Great looking line. I'm heading over there next!

Diane said...

The line is gorgeous. Not only do I love the colors, but the special little details on each piece really make them stand out, like the horizontal twist on the back of a jacket, or the cute layered ruffled collars. Love it!

b said...

Love love love these clothes! Especially love the organically grown cotton. And the Riley jacket is GREAT. I'm heading to her website.

Emily B ( said...

These are really fun clothes! Thanks for sharing with us.

Carol said...

This clothes line looks really nice. And shop at favorite.

Allison Morrison said...

Loving this line...looks so Comfy!!

Anonymous said...

I love that this is a cotton line made in the USA. I will check out Stacey's website.

Anonymous said...

Love cotton and eco friendly cotton sounds awesome!! It is so comfortable. The line looks awesome and even though the clothes aren't in my size a scarf is! hehe :-)

Katy-Anne said...

Well, I asked a question about bras, and I want to add to it. :p

I said I'm between sizes (38C and 38D) and can't find many that are really comfortable. I NEED support and I want them padded because I don't like my headlights coming on if you know what I mean.

So, I'm still curious as to the answer to that first question, but I'd also like to add to it.

I'm pregnant now, and I have the worst time when I'm pregnant. All I can find for maternity bras are ugly and non-padded, non supportive nursing bras. I've never been able to nurse and never will be able to, so I don't really want an ugly nursing bra. I want a nice, padded, supportive maternity bra. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Does your line come in tall sizing? How long are the pants?

One More Equals Four said...

Okay, you are totally reading my mind because I clicked over to look at the line when I saw the link. I sat there getting all frustrated because I kept seeing things I black. I was actually mumbling to myself that YOU told us not to wear black and here you were recommending this line that was FILLED with it. Then I came back and finished reading...oops! :) I'm gonna have to check to see if we have any local consultants...I wold be afraid to order without knowing how tight things were and how long the pants were...but it is a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

Kelsie said...

The clothes look great! I love the pic w/the 4 ladies - the gal in the green jacket w/cream skirt. Very pretty outfit! My question: Why do you only take applications twice a year? What is that process? Thanks - I'd love to win a red scarf! It's something I've never tried, but I always love it on others...

be blessed said...

I checked out this line after the cruise... and of course I ordered several pieces--without seeing them other than online-cuz there isn't a consultant in northwest Iowa either. I'm impressed with how soft and comfy these clothes are. Love the sidney top with the soft ruffle. OH--I would love a red scarf--since I can't wear some of my black tops (!) I could wear the red scarf next to my face and still wear the black top.

rskmom said...

Love this line - wow!

Elin said...

It does look comfortable! And I love the fact that they'll dye the clothes. This way I don't have to wear black! = ]

Shari Braendel said...

Hi Gals, thought I'd answer some of these questions (about the line) as we go along today before I head out to teach my book/bible study tonight! First off, Katy-Anne, will answer your questions next week...your bra questions are on my list! Thank you for your patience!

1. Do they come in talls? Well, the pants and jackets are plenty long for a matter of fact, I have to wear heels or boots with my boot cut pants or else they're WAY too long...and I'm 5'll". I'll find out if they come in lenghts or if they're just cut long.

2. First off, there are only 75 consultants for you gals who'd like to own a business, this is a GREAT one and you get to start with a company from the ground up! So if there isn't a consultant in your area, and you'd like to try the clothes, I'll betcha you could talk Stacey or the closest consultant into coming to you if you'd host a party...just sayin'.
If you don't want to do that but you still want to order, I know they'd work with you on the phone and they have a very lenient return me, these clothes fit amazing!

3. Kelsie wants to know why they only take applications twice a year: it's because they have 2 collections: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. They want you to start at a time to get the most benefit and the most training. And they are selective about who they choose. I'm sure YOU all would be picked though...tell them I recommend you! LOL!

That's the questions for today...Stacey, if you have anything to add, feel free to jump in here anytime! Shari

Sara said...

I love the jacket with the fluffy collar. I think I need one!

Mariah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blue Lagoon color...gorgeous and I think it would be a good color on me...maybe...Shari, that good on "softs"...Also, I was curious with how small the sizes go down to. I'm an xs or an xxs on top and like a size 2 on bottom...does Kika Paprika make sizes that small?? AND do you know of any great clothing lines that do...I'm not talking petite, per se, but just skinny styles. I have a friend whose similar in size to me, but way taller...her legs are like a mile long and she can't find long enough pants for her tiny body...have any suggestions, Shari???

Anonymous said...

Boy, these are great---looks comfortable and I love the fact that they will dye in "my colors"---that is great.
Oh by the way, one of my colors is RED.Ha.
Thanks for the chance to win and for a nice, clean, CHRISTIAN outlook on style.
Tomi Jo

Cyndi said...

I love the line. It is very pretty and looks so comfortable. The idea that you can select the color to dye the garment is great! I love that you can put the pieces of the line together to make different outfits. To top it off it is eco-friendly so I can feel good about my purchase.

Sherry said...

Love the first look of this line - I am going to the website after this posting. I am very interested in the business aspect and would love to learn more!!! I think women who work inside the home and outside the home are very busy and would welcome the service of a company like this not to mention great clothes, great price, great company ethics. Hope to win the RED scarf. Thanks, Sherry

~Brenda said...

This line looks soft and comfy to wear! My question is how long does it take to make the jacket with the puffy collar?

Ruth C. said...

The size zero is a traditional size 0-2. It would fit you, for sure!

Also, the inseam on most pants is 35", so they can fit the Rock Stars, Glamour Girls and Movie Stars. If you're not a Rock Star, the pants can be easily hemmed or cut off at the right length and won't unravel.

Brenda, 2-4 weeks for delivery, depending on the color you choose.

They travel GREAT, too!

Stacey Monroe said...

Hey everyone... Stacey here! I love reading your comments and "hearing" your excitement about this great new company! The clothes ARE great-fitting, comfy, stylin', USA-made, eco-friendly... can you tell I love it? Thanks to my team member Ruth for helping to answer questions! I think all has been answered except local consultants ... email me and between Ruth and I we will help you place an order or try to find someone close... chances are, you might not have someone near you, which is a great reason to ask more about the 2x per year business opportunity! Why not be the first in your city/state? :) We are taking apps now, the training is in Feb, and you would start selling our spring/summer line in mid-Feb. I have more info. if you're interested. Can't wait to mail one of you the red holiday scarf... thanks for being a kika-fan... keep the comments and questions coming! :)

Adelyn said...
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Jana Floyd said...

Everything looks very wearable, and a step up from casual. This is the kind of casual I like - flattering, comfortable, fashionable, current. It looks like the outfits have PURPOSE, put together for a reason.

beth said...

I love that everything looks so comfortable and the fact that you can choose any color for any piece is just icing on the cake! Love it!

I have another question for you to add to all the others...What are some good holiday looks for someone who is in the color group warm? I know I'm not supposed to do red or black, but those are two of the most popular holiday colors. Can you tell me how to look festive for parties and family gatherings while staying in my color group? I really don't want to wear green ALL the time! ;-) Thanks!

Adelyn said...

I love how comfy everything looks!And I sure would love that scarf! =D So my questions is...and this is a pretty general question that's not really about the line...anyway, what do you think about when you need to put an outfit together fast? Because of school (and EM classes) I only have like 5 minutes to figure out what I'm wearing and I feel like I keep wearing clothes that don't present me in the way I want to be presented {as a modest, yet fashionable teen}. Any suggestions? Adelyn

Bobbie said...

Im going to look now... and I did not know you were 5'11? Now I love you even more, my tall sister. I am 6'1.

rckola said...

Hello Ladies,
The response to this posting was overwhelming and Stacey (my upline leader) asked that I contact you, since she and I connected with Shari at the same event. We want to connect with you personally and would love to share more about kikaPaprika. I ask that you email me directly at, so that I can help answer your questions personally.
Can't wait to hear from you.
~ Ruth Cekola

Penny said...

I love these clothes! They do look extremely comfortable and fashionable. I live in Greater London (US military stationed overseas). The general public wears BLACK everywhere, ALL THE TIME here!! (sorry, Shari, but it's true) I call London "The Black Sea." Looking at these pices though, it appears black could still be worn to fit in here, and dressed up or down to be as casual or formal as situation dictates.
I notice that perchase is from a distributor as this is a home business. My question would be is there ever any plan of extending that to internet purchases as well? It would certainly allow a larger customer base. We're a family who travels alot as most of the US military familes stationed overseas are and these clothes would help create a comfortable, fashionable travel wardrobe.

rckola said...

There are options for ordering. Please contact me directly, so we can discuss them.

Vanessa said...

Wow! :-) Adorable! I love it! :-) My only question (it's fabulous that you use organic cotton, by the way.) is, "Do you have any sales?" Because that would be amazing! :-) Great! Going to check out the website! ;-)

rckola said...

Hi Vanessa,
I'd love to talk to you personally about how great our clothing is and talk about how we can get you some clothing at a discount. Please email me directly at
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
~ Ruth

Anonymous said...
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Melanie said...

I'm going to check this clothing company out. Sounds great!