Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 26 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 26 Challenge

Part A: Are you a Glamour Girl, Movie Star or Rock Star? Based on your height, frame size and body size, you are one of the above. If you’ve got the book you can read about it on Page 70, but if not, here’s a quick guideline:

If you are 5’8” and above, you are a Rock Star! Go big to oversize for your accessories, handbags and patterns/prints.

If you are 5’2” or under, you are a Glamour Girl! Go small to medium for accessories, handbags and patterns/prints.

If you are in between the above categories, then you are a Movie Star! Go medium to large (not oversize) for accessories, handbags and patterns/prints.

Part B: Fill this in on your Style Sheet.

Part C: Check all your accessories and handbags and make sure they are the correct proportion for you based on your new Hollywood status! If you’ve got things too small or too large for you, consider passing them onto someone who they will better suit. Check the patterns and prints on your tops. Are any of them too small or too big?


~ Daisha said...

After reading the descriptions, I actually fit into two categories. I'm 5'4 which would make me a Movie Star but my clothes size is 0-4, which would make me a Glamour Girl. So, I'm guessing I would be a Movie Star? As for size of accessories and prints, I am quite disappointed that I can't use a piece of fabric I bought last summer. I had intention of making a sundress when I bought it but then came up with the wonderful idea to make a maxi skirt instead. I absolutely love the colors: brown, lime green, torquoise & white. Well, I pulled this fabric out two days ago only to find that the print REALLY IS TOO LARGE for me. I look so dwarfed in it.

As for accessories, I was having a bit of trouble at one point trying to determine what "medium to large" meant. However, I think best way to determine the right size is to determine how you feel wearing or carrying it. I can always feel when a bag is too big for me. It make me feel like I'm carrying a suitcase or backpack. That's when I know I should go just a little bit smaller. Accessories are the same. If I feel overpowered or that it's "too much" that lets me know that my jewelry is too big. And if I still feel like I'm "missing something" when I have on all my accessories then it lets me know that my jewelry is too small. With that being said, I know I've got more weeding out to do and more accessories to buy.

~Brenda said...

I'm a Movie Star! My accessories and handbags are to correct proportion's. For many years, I wore solid colored tops because I didn't know what size print looked good on me. With the help of your book I mostly buy print tops now!

Anonymous said...

Rock star here. Sometimes I feel awkward with large accessories. I don't want to feel like I'm toting a samsonite !