Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring Fashions - Cut Outs

On the runway at New York Fashion Week we saw cut outs.  I thought to myself... there is NO WAY this could be something I can chat with on Fashion Meets Faith... no way... how many times have you said that and God finds a way?  LOL.

Alright... here are the New York Trends!

All of the below fashions are from Belk or Lane Bryant 

Let's start with a few fashions that are NOT appropriate...

No bra straps or tank tops showing through please!


In my experience it is best to have your torso fully colored and your arms have the "cut out".  Typically this means your tank top neckline will be as high as the sweater neckline...


These dresses look great because the ladies are covered up top (their hem length should probably be at the knee, but the cutouts are cute.)

I am allowing the next two outfits on this list because each woman is covered properly underneath in a way that is not too distracting... It is a matter of taste and the women as shown look to be modest enough for a fun evening out with friends.  


The most fun "cut out" of the season is the peek-a-boo sleeve. 


The tear drop neckline is also a way to show off a cut out fashion without showing too much.  Just be aware of your bra straps, they should not be peeking through the spaces.



 These sweaters have great printed cut outs.  As shown they are appropriate for any age and add some fun to the outfit.  Remember to be aware of what is underneath!

While the last two fashions are not "cut outs" they are a shear trend that follows the same rules.  Be careful of what you can see underneath and have fun with it!

Which cut outs would you consider wearing?

Yours in Fashion and in Faith



Megan C said...

What a cute pink lace dress and adorable aqua/lime outfit. I like the idea of cutouts near the neckline, like the bright pink top. I do not like the cold shoulder look.

Anonymous said...

I too like the cut outs at the neckline and incorporated into the sweaters. I do very much like the peek-a-boo sleeves. They would be fun for a night out and casual wear. I like the lacey looks too, for a night out. Thanks for showing us how we can wear some fun trends without compromising our values! Karen

Daisha said...

ooooh, I love that pink lace dress! I would so love to have this in my spring wardrobe and it's just the right color, too!