Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't forget to Shine!

This last week I have seen some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.  It was amazing to see their inner beauty shine through on the outside... let me tell you about them.

One was a mom whose husband was called away to Alabama late Friday.  She took her two baseball kiddos and her third child as her cheerleader to the ball fields on Saturday.  She went to church, hosted a Wildtree Food Prep Workshop and made it to our Church Small Group on Sunday Night.  Despite how tired this stay at home, home school teaching mom was... she shined.

Her look was put together and her eyes told us that "she made it" to the final event of the weekend.  Phew!  But she shined with the confidence that she made it and could get through the busy week.

Here are a few pieces I found online that are similar to her outfit.  She is a Soft.  Look for an idea and see what you have in your closet.

Another woman I met tonight was dressed in navy scrubs (P.S. BEST color for every woman).  She had on a watch and glasses.  She had no other accessories except for medical items like a stethescope around her neck and a pen in her cargo pocket... but she had the sparkle!

She found a way to be personable, kind, and show her inner beauty though being understanding and loving in a tough situation.  She knew that my family was having a rough day and she smiled anyways... and it helps to know that a woman like that is helping my dad tonight. 

This week I hope you can do two things...
1) I hope you can dress up and look fabulous despite the world being crazy around you.
And 2) I hope you can shine in no matter what outfit you are wearing and be radiant in your own skin.

Here are my two things from this week:
1) I have committed to wearing accessories the last few weeks and one of those has been earrings.  I have been such a good follower of Shari's "find a great pair of hoop earrings and rock them" rule that I've hung up on 4 people this week when my swinging hoop earring shut off my touch screen phone.   AND I haven't walked around with just one earring on when I took the earring off to talk on the phone. 

2) I have worn really cute outfits to work (nice pants and cute jacket/top combinations with accessories) and I decided that wearing my chunky steel toe shoes still counts as 2 points on the 16-point Accessory Rule chart so I'm going to not worry about looking too manly.  

2b) I also decided that Accessory Rule points are still points even when jewelry does not match EXACTLY... shiny silver, brushed pewter, gem stone piece... just own the look... especially if they are accessories in different areas like earrings, bracelet and necklace. 

Confidence is 90% of the sparkle factor.   Go out there and shine!

P.S.  I told both women that I felt they were beautiful.  Try it yourself and see the result!

Love ya ladies!


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skyesthelimit53 said...

Very good point about dressing up even when life is crazy. It is so easy to through any old thing on and go, but when you dress up and 'try' a little, it makes you feel better in sometimes troubling situations. Gives you confidence and the feeling that you can tackle what comes. Sometimes the days when it is toughest to make the effort are the days when you need to do it the most!

Shari Braendel said...

Beautiful post, Laura! Love what you had to say in this article....hope your dad is feeling better. love ya!

~Brenda said...

This is a great reminder to take care of ourselves and pay attention to what we put on in the mornings. Thanks for the encouragement!

Erika said...

Thank you for this great reminder. I hope your family is doing ok. :)

Megan C said...

Great post. Thank you!

Jannat said...

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